Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Traffic Browser cost

Nothing.  Traffic Browser is a free service.  You are more than welcome to upgrade but only if you want to.

What is the purpose of Traffic Browser software

The purpose of Traffic Browser is to help you save time in traffic exchanges and earn more credits!  The more credits you rack up the more credits you can use to promote your site.

  1. Auto Logging – Saves you time from manually looking up passwords.
  2. Auto Switching Tabs – Saves you time and mouse clicks by switching to the next available tab.
  3. Groups – You can setup groups so that you can surf by your routine in a small handy list.
  4. Popup Blockers – Saves you from normal popups and those annoying, “Hey Wait before you go!” types of JavaScript spam.

Traffic Browser is a huge down-line builder where every referral link you place into Traffic Browser will be available to your referrals in the website or on their personal desktop via the software application.

The owner of Traffic Browser is also a traffic exchange surfer, your getting the tools the professionals use to earn more credits.

Do I need to uninstall my version of Traffic Browser software to update it?

Not normally.  You can install the latest version and the installer will uninstall the last version automatically before it updates your computer.

The Traffic Browser software will not auto update on my computer. Why

There are 3 reasons why your version of Traffic Browser will not auto update.

1.  You have an older version of Traffic Browser that is no longer supported.
2.  You don’t have permissions on your computer to install software.
3. (Very Rare) You have not installed the most recent updates for your Windows Operating System

You can always download the most recent version of Traffic Browser from the downloads page after you login to your account.

Can I use Traffic Browser for surfing sites other than traffic exchanges?

No.  Currently Traffic Browser is a tool for surfing Traffic Exchanges.

Although you can surf sites that are advertised in traffic exchanges.

If you find a site that your interested in you can open it into a new window and surf that site individually if you wish.

If your looking to just surf the web, there are plenty of  other browsers that would be better suited.

Will Traffic Browser run on Mac Or Linux?

No.  Well not natively.  Traffic Browser was designed for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above.

There are other solutions out there that will allow windows based software to run on mac or linux.

May I have more than one account

No.  You should only need one account.  Having multiple accounts gives members the ability to have multiple votes for contests, submitting more votes for suggested Traffic Exchanges and other unfair advantages.

If your accounts are flagged by our automated system you can stand to loose all accounts.  We promote Traffic Exchanges and so far 97% of them only allow you to have 1 account.

You can have no more than 2 accounts per house hold.  Please be aware that accessing multiple accounts from one location you may  incorrectly flag or disable your account.  Pending Review.

May two people surf the same account?

This is generally frowned against.  We do not recommend sharing your password with anyone.  If we detect more than 1 person has logged into your account you may risk having your account blocked for a period of time.  Due to Security Restrictions. 

If a Traffic Browser Click Contest is active you may risk having all or some of earned clicks reported to our service forfeited.  We have no control of Traffic Exchange sites themselves but, if they detect more than 1 person surfing at the same time you could loose your account according to their TOS.  So as a general rule don’t share accounts.

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid every Monday afternoon when your account meets the following requirements.

  1. You must have configured your payout email in your private profile.
  2. You must have at least $5.00 payable in commissions.
  3. There is a 14 day waiting period after a commission is made.

How do I fix missing Plugins in Traffic Browser?

Traffic Browser uses the plugins already installed on your machine.  So you would need to manually update flash player, Adobe PDF, Java, etc.

If you don’t have flash installed on your computer then the Traffic Browser Software will not allow flash.

You may need to restart our software after you update with the new plugins in order to be detected.

If you are still having a problems, please submit a support ticket.

I am an upgraded member when can I expect to receive my random referrals?

Random referrals are awarded randomly to each upgraded member.  Once a random referral has been awarded you may not receive another random referral until all upgraded members has received 1 random referral.

There are 2 ways we get Random Referrals to Members.

1.  When a  person uses your affiliate link and signs up.
2.  When we promote this link http://www.trafficbrowser.com/rr.php
You should not be waiting on random referrals as your sole source of referrals.  Random Referrals is a icing on the cake benefit of being an upgraded member.

How do I delete my account ?

Not sure why you would want to delete your account since there is no trial and nothing to buy unless you want to .

But if you dead set on having your account deleted, login into your account and submit a help desk ticket and we can delete your account manually.

When I download the software the OS states that the download was corrupt or damaged. How to fix?

This is caused normally your antivirus software deleting the download right before your OS has the change to run it.

This is a proven case with Norton Antivirus Solutions for example.

Please check the Quarantine of your Antivirus software that you use and see why it was placed there.

If you have any questions please submit an help desk ticket.

Why is Traffic Browser desktop software showing blank pages?

Normally this happens when the traffic is being blocked by a third party software.   Some Examples include:  Antivirus, Firewalls, Sand boxing software and Security Suites.

This is what it looks like.


So Far we have seen this in (Comodo Internet Security) and it could happen in any firewall software that’s set to strict or automaticly firewalls internet traffic.

1.  Make sure that the following files are not sandboxed or denied access.

  • TrafficBrowser.exe
  • TrafficBrowerTabs.exe
  • TrafficBrowserTabProcess.exe

Here is an easy way to find the files on your computer.


1. Right Click the Traffic Browser Icon

2. Select Open File Location

Why am I receiving this message "Remote Server Cannot be Reached" ?

Here are some issues to check.

1.  Make sure your firewall is not blocking this url    http://www.trafficbrowser.com/memberpages/software_service?wsdl  In your  browser you should see some XML Code.   This is how Traffic Browser Talks to the Server.  If it’s blank then it’s being blocked.  It suppose to look something like this. http://screencast.com/t/Y9sI45Jw1v

2.  Make sure you have an updated copy of Traffic Browser by logging into http://www.trafficbrowser.com/members/login then visiting the downloads section to make sure you have the most recent copy or newer.

3.  Did you change your password recently?  Here are the blocked letters not allowed via Traffic Browser   { ‘;’, ‘<‘, ‘>’, ‘|’, ‘\”, ‘\\’, ‘`’, ‘~’, ‘[‘, ‘]’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘ ‘ };

4.  Did you recently configure your Login Security? Try turning it off.  This was a recently discovered bug in IP Version 6.

5.  Try and double checking the above problems close and restart Traffic Browser to make sure the responses are not cached.

6. Try deleting the files that are generated by Traffic Browser in your documents folder.   Close Traffic Browser then locate the folder named “Traffic Browser” and delete it. The next time you start Traffic Browser it will auto generate new files.

If your still having issues please login and submit a help desk ticket please mention that you have already checked issues or we will just ask you to check them again.


I can login to Traffic Browser website but not the Traffic Browser software?

If you can login to http://www.trafficbrowser.com but your getting issues with the wrong username and password with the Traffic Browser Software Try the following:

1.  Make sure your using your account name NOT your email address.  In the website and you login with either but the software you must use your account username that you made when you signed up.

2.  Make sure your not using any of the blocked reserved chars in the username or password  Here are the blocked letters not allowed via Traffic Browser   { ‘;’, ‘<‘, ‘>’, ‘|’, ‘\”, ‘\\’, ‘`’, ‘~’, ‘[‘, ‘]’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘ ‘ };  You may beable to use some of them to sign in on the TrafficBrowser.com but not the softaware.

3.  Make sure to use ASCII based characters.  Characters with hypens and extra accents that do not conform to ASCII standards are removed.  Here is a link explaining what ASCII characters are  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII

If your still having issues please submit a help desk request.


Why is there a limit on the amount of Traffic Exchanges that I can submit to the Down line Builder?

The purpose is so that one person does not submit thousands of Traffic Exchanges so that it blocks everyone else from submitting.  Being able to submit a Traffic Exchange is a privilage that all upgraded members are able to take part in.  The higher your upgrade the more Traffic Exchanges you can submit.

As the Traffic Browser Team begins to approve or disapprove the suggested TE’s that you provided you can start adding more TE’s.   Let’s say your limit is 3.  You can submit 3 Traffic Exchanges, then after admin approves 2 of them, you will have 2 additional credits to submit more.

At this time free members can only vote for suggested TE’s.  Upgraded members have more rights to add more based on their membership level.

Why is there a limit on the amount of votes in can submit in the Down line Builder?

The purpose of being able to vote is to rank the suggested Traffic Exchange you would like to see added to Traffic Browser next.  This does not guarantee that your Traffic Exchange will be added.  But it considered a very high suggestion that we take very seriously.

In the past we have identified a few individuals creating multiple accounts and suggesting freely to artifically rank their Traffic Exhange higher than the rest.  To mimize this we placed a limit on the amout of votes.  By having a limit on the number of votes that each member can suggest, it forces members to make better choices where they cast their votes instead of just voting for everything.

As the Traffic Browser team approves or disapproves each Traffic Exchange that you voted on, your votes will be returned to you thus allowing you to vote on your next Traffic Exchange.

The higher your Membership Level the higher number of allowable votes you can submit.

Why does the Traffic Browser software ask me if I want to report stats when I log out?

The Traffic Browser software reports your clicks every X amount of times instead of every single click.  Let’s say it reports every 1000 clicks, if you try to logout at 99 for example it will ask you want to report those stats instead of waiting for the next time you hit 1000 clicks.

Now here is what you don’t know and we don’t tell any one.  We don’t record old clicks.  Meaning once a click gets so old we just ignore it.  This is done to prevent cheaters who try to rack up 1000’s of clicks using methods we do not like to talk about here but, we know about.  I guess no one has bothered to tell some people if they have tons of clicks on Traffic Browser it really does them no good unless they were honestly earned.  Oh well 🙂

So in an effort to prevent your honest clicks from going stale, we ask you to reports stats when you exit the Traffic Browser software.
You don’t really see it but it’s talking in the background with our server.

So why do we even ask to report or not?

Well if you happen to lose internet connection we ask you not to report your stats until you regain a stable connection.  If you report your stats and you do not have a connection you could loose credits in the form of clicks.  Please note that clicks not reported to Traffic Browser does not mean you loose any credits with any Traffic Exchange.

How many votes does it take before a Traffic Exchange is added to Traffic Browser?

It actually only takes 1.  We actually signup and surf each Traffic Exchange, starting with the most voted first from the member’s suggested traffic exchange section of our site.

Please note that a listing in the suggested Traffic Exchange list is not a guarantee method of being added to Traffic Browser.  The Traffic Exchange with the most votes represents what users want to be added next.  As a reward for a user submitting a Traffic Exchange to us, if we do not currently belong to that TE we will sign up under you.

We may add Traffic Exchanges at our own descression.  Our goal is to add as many usefull TE’s as possible.

I can't login because the Traffic Browser software keeps repeating that an update is needed. How to fix?

You may have a older version of Traffic Browser that needs to be re-download from the members download area.

If you have manually installed the most recent version and still having issues please submit a help desk request

How can I tell if I am promoting the correct affiliate link?

Make sure your promoting the correct referral link.  An example of a valid referral link looks like this.



x = your member id associated with your account.

You can view your referral links from the member’s area.

If you surf the referral link it will place a cookie on referrals computer and redirect the referral to a link that looks like this.


Please do not advertise the referral redirect! This url will not be tracked correctly and you will not earn credit for the referral.  The sole purpose to to confirm that the redirect has worked.

Avast! Is making Traffic Browser Flicker like crazy! How to fix?

Avast! The Free Antivirus Software is causing Traffic Browser to flicker because Avast! thinks Traffic Browser is suspious behavior. (Probally because your surfing like crazy!)

This is a false positive.    Here is how to fix the problem.

1. Open up Avast!

2.  Click on the Graph icon http://screencast.com/t/AkIWFUKvQ

3.  Click on Component Status http://screencast.com/t/N9aqpdViS

4.  Next Click on Items Stored in Virus Chest (Icon on on the right side of page)

5.  Find TrafficBrowser.exe or TrafficBrowserTabs.exe or TrafficBrowserProcess.exe and Right Click on Item on ToolBar popup choose “Restore and Add to Exclusions”  http://screencast.com/t/rTxC13s4Y

Once  you have done this Traffic Browser should start running correctly again.

If you have already dumped the history then you will need to Try installing Traffic Browser again.

If this does not solve your problem please feel free to submit a help desk ticket

Here is a customer who allowed me to video the process of fixing there issue.


Installer issue - An Error Occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory.

Here is the screen shot of the problem.


1.  Do you have rights to install software on your machine?  If not please see your network administrator.

2.  Are you using the administrator account?  Or at least a user with rights to install software, if not please referr to  #1

3.  Try temporarily disabling third party antivirus software and firewall on the computer and check if that fixes the issue.  You may need to add an exclusion with your thirdparty software if this fixes the issue.  Don’t forget to renable the third party antivirus software and firewall.  Never surf with your antivirus  and firewall disabled!

Our Trained monkey could not process your request? How to fix?

This can be caused by many things.  It means that an error has happened and needs to be fixed.

Try deleting your database in the “Traffic Browser” folder found in windows documents.. You can either delete the database or delete the entire folder.  It will be regenerated once you restart Traffic Browser.


If this does no solve your problem please submit a help desk ticket.